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Puppy Survival Checklist

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Bringing home a new puppy is a lot of fun... and a lot of work! Review this free quick-start survival guide to make sure you and your family are ready for a great start with a new pup!

Inside, you'll find:

  • Puppy Care Chart to prep your kids for bringing a puppy home

  • Expectations for Your Kids so they will want to take care of your new puppy

  • The One Game you must play with your kids when bringing home a new puppy!

Hi, I'm Becky Arganbright, and congrats on your new puppy! What you'll find in this guide is based on my training methods, mainly Positive Reinforcement, and Leadership. Most people know this as being a "Pet Parent" for your dog and taking over the role of a mother dog to their own. If that sounds great to you, then I'd love for you to grab this free guide!

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