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"The Pack" 


It's hard to send your dog to someone you don't know. How do you know your dog will be loved, treated well, and kept safe? I get it! This page is about my "pack";  who we are as a family and how your dog will be cared for during their stay. Hopefully, this will help ease some trepidition, but for good measure, email me about setting up a Meet and Greet.


"Trainers in training"

Meet my "trainers"! Although none of them want to be actual dog trainers when they grow up, they are certified "dog lovers". :-)  Since we all are trainers to some extent (we are always training out dogs, whether we realize it or not), the kids help me with setting up training scenerios and exercise. While I am making supper or working on training videos, they help me by throwing the ball for the dog, watching a play date (with supervision), or just cuddling a dog while watching TV.


Max, 17


Max, visiting a dog at the shelter 

Max is 17 years old; he helped me volunteer at the animal shelter and was the one who convinced us to bring home and foster Ace. Max loves dogs and often lets them hang out with him in his room. 

Max has autism and is a Type 1 diabetic.  Max also has a strong interest in different countries and may ask you questions on where you are going on your vacation while your dog is staying with us, so be prepared! :-)


Max wants to be a history teacher when he grows up.


Lucy, 15

Lucy is our quiet one. She is usually the one we ask to watch the quieter and shyer dogs. It works well for both of them.


 She enjoys drawing, figure skating, and playing the flute. 


Lucy wants to be an animator when she grows up.


Luke, 13

Luke is our mischevious one. He loves to tease and will sometimes try to scare you with a "horror story" of your dogs stay here (none of them are true.) :-) 

Although a lover of every dog, his favorite ones are the "sassy" little dogs. He loves a challenge and winning them over. We count on Luke to help watch dogs and entertain them while I make supper. 

Luke wants to be a video game tester when he grows up. 


Anna, 11

Anna is our outgoing one, and the one you will see most often in my training videos as my helper. She helps feed the dogs and is very good at getting them to eat if they are too nervous. She also helps by playing with the dogs if I'm busy. 

Anna wants to be a groomer when she grows up.


Henry, 9

Henry is our inquisitive one. He's always got something to say! He loves just about all animals, especially ducks, birds, penguins, and of course, dogs. His favorite dog is the Beagle! Henry and Anna often both help me out with setting up training scenarios for the dogs. He also helps exercise them and cuddle them. 

When Henry grows up, he wants to be an artist.




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