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Dog Training


​Day Training is much like the Train and Board Program, except that your dog is here for 10 days-Monday through Friday-instead of a full two weeks. This program is especially perfect for those who live nearby and/or simply don't want to be separated from their dog! ​


Day Training is  very effective even though your dog is only here with us for the day. This is because he/she is receiving ongoing training day after day, just like school. 

What a typical day in Day Training looks like:

Drop off: Your dog will have a chance to warm up to his/her new environment by being given a tour of the house. This really helps with separation anxiety.


 Exercise: Your dog will have a chance to play with other dogs and/or go on a walk. This helps burn off excessive energy that can affect training.

Training:  Later, I will work on your dog's specific training goals, documenting with a video to send for you to watch. (Videos are not sent every day.)

Rest/Socialization:  At this time, your dog will have this time to rest and/or play. It's very important that dogs have rest time in order to process what they've learned.

Training: We will continue to work on training goals and document what your dog is learning.


Pick up: 

 We end the day with another play session or rest. We want end on a positive note so that your dog will want to come again the next day. 

Because your dog is getting so much mental stimulation through training, expect your dog to be very tired for the rest of the day. This is very normal and to be expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I drop off/pick up my dog?

Drop off is typically at 8 a.m and pick up is usually around 2:00 p.m. However, because a lot of people try to work around their work schedules, I am happy to work with whatever time works best for you.

Are dogs kenneled?

I try to stay home as much as possible but sometimes there are appointments that can't be rescheduled or avoided. For the sake of safety, dogs are kenneled while I am gone, however, I try hard to kennel them during their break times, when they are tired.

My dog is fine with people but not with other dogs. Will you still train him/her?

In cases where dogs do not get along with other dogs, I keep those dogs separated. This will not affect your dog's training success.

Does the dog come to you on weekends?

No, the dog stays home with you to work on all the new behaviors that he/she has learned during the week!

What if my dog doesn't want to come back the next day?

Every dog is different, but most dogs are actually excited to come back to "doggy school" the next day! For dogs that are a bit more shy or reserved, we take them where they're at and let them warm up to us all over again. :-) 

The Big Question--how much does Day Training cost?

With Day Training, you will receive

  • Daily personalized training

  • Socialization with people/dogs/different environments 

  • A friendly home environment with reduced kennel time

  • Six training videos that help you understand how to continue leadership training and your dog's training goals.

  • 10 days of ongoing training and socialization

Are you ready to change your dog from a good dog to a great dog?


Register Now! Enrollment for this program is only $400.

Once I receive your request for enrollment, I will confirm your enrollment with a training date.

Have more questions? Check out my FAQ page! 

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