Peeping Pug

The Board and Train Leadership Program are for dogs with challenging behaviors. This could mean: 

  • over-excitement/reactivity

  • crate training

  • counter-surfing (stealing food)

  • pulling on leash

  • territorial behavior, such as barking

  • jumping and impulsive behaviors

  • ignoring commands

  • "selective hearing" (choosing when to listen to you)

Got another behavior not listed here? Contact me for a personalized training plan! 



Much like the two week Train and Board and Leadership program, Day Training is a great option for those who want live nearby or simply don't want to be separated from their dog for two weeks. For more information and pricing, click here.

a small dog in a cowboy outfit.jpg

There's a new Sheriff in town! 


This new program is designed especially for the little dog in mind! If your little dog shows:


  • aggressive or reactive behaviors, such as over-protective or territorial

  •  excessive barking

  •  pulling on leash

  • any other common "little dog" behaviors

Sheriff Badge.jpg

Learn how to demote your dog from "Little Sherriff" to "little Deputy and get your rightly place in the pack back! 

Online Private Training

  • One on One training

  • customized training plan for your dog

  • perfect for those social distancing or who live far away

  • Perfect for those who are wanting some direction but want to do the training themselves! 

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