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How do I get my dog set up for training?
Once we connect, we will decide which program (Day Training or Board and Train) would work best for you and your dog. From there, I will send you an Intake Form which will gather more detailed information about your dog's history. I will set up a customized training plan and we will set up a date for your dog to come! 

What do you do for training and what kind of behaviors do you work on?
I work on all problem behaviors, the most common issues are:


Ignoring commands or coming when called
Destructive behaviors (chewing things up)
Keep Away (stealing things that belong to you or running away when called)
Counter-surfing (stealing food)
Excessive/territorial barking
Reactivity (not to be confused with aggression)
Bolting out the door

Do you use shock collars or any type of "punishment" for training? 
I normally use only positive reinforcement techniques, however, I am not opposed to shock collars or training equipment if the owner requests it. Shock collars, if used correctly, can be very helpful and are even necessary for some dogs, for their safety.
 Day Training is ten days (the dog goes home at the end of each day and the weekends) and Board and Train is a full two weeks.

What are your training methods? 
My training philosophy is about leadership. Leadership is the backbone to "good behavior" for your dog. Leadership is simply telling your dog what you want from him and what you don't want. All my methods are effective because they are consistent and clear. I also use Positive Reinforcement (adding something good to reward a behavior), however, Positive Reinforcement is only a tool and not the basis of training.

How much experience have you had? 
I became a certified professional dog trainer in 2016.

How do I know that my dog will listen to me and not just you?
During your dogs' stay, I will be teaching you as well about leadership and how to implement it without physical force or intimidation. I do this by sending a daily email that shows your dogs training and progress, as well as how I handled certain behaviors so that you can work on them at home. Dogs want leadership, and so, anyone who leads, they will follow!  

Are there any breeds you do not take?
I work with all breeds and enjoy all the variety that come to our house!

However, due to their size and strength, I cannot take extra large breeds such as Great Danes, St.Bernards, Mastiffs, etc that are over 6 months. 

Do you work with aggressive dogs?
Because we are in a family home with children, I do not work with aggressive dogs.

What is the success rate with Board and Train?
At the end of two weeks, you will see improvement in your dog's behavior. However, depending on your dog's habits, age, and trainability, success can vary from dog to dog. The purpose of this program is to teach you how to become a Leader for your dog and learn how to communicate what you expect from him. Through the personalized videos that I send, you will have a good understanding of how to do this. Within two weeks, your dog's bad habits will either be totally gone or improved enough to the point where you can take over when he gets home.

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