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Private One-on-One Training

Get the dog you've always wanted! 

There is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad behaviors! 

What this program entails

One-on-one instruction held in my home

Learn my techniques on how to get your dog to stop problem-behaviors.

Have a better understanding on WHY your dog behaves how he/she does and how to stop it

Learn what Leadership is and how to implement it with your dog.



Cute Dog

Get your sweet dog back.

Sweet Dog

Common Behaviors I work with:

* Jumping
* Ignoring/not listening
* Puppy behaviors (biting, puppy excitement,                house-training)
* Reactivity (not aggression)
* Bolting out the door
* Not coming when called
* Counter-surfing (stealing food)
* Loose-leash walking

1 one-hour class:  $50
4 one-hour session  $150
Consultation by Remote- $25 an hour

Schedule a time for Training now!

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