Two Week Train and Board Leadership Program

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When dogs enter into adolescence, you might notice an increase of behavior. Hormones spike causing unruly behavior, combined with "learned behaviors" that eventually become bad habits that are hard to break. 

Leadership is extremely important to a dog. A dog without an effective leader is like a child without a parent. Even if you are practicing leadership for your dog, but things can get lost in translation.

Board and Train Leadership Program

During your dog's training, you will learn how to become a leader for your dog so he/she:


  • Listens to you

  • Obeys you

  • Follows commands

  • Stops barking on command

  • Does not drag you on walks

  • Stops jumping

  • Is respectful to your guests

  • Does not bolt out the door

  • Stops overly excited behavior 

And more.

You will also be receiving lessons on Leadership through 6 training videos that I will send you through email.  While you learn how to become a leader for your dog, you can also follow along on your dog's own training journey. 

Two Week Board and Train Leadership Program


  • 14 days of boarding and training in a family home (which means reduced kennel time)

  • Customized Training Plan for your dog

  • Six Training videos to learn how to become a leader for your dog

  • A Positive change in your dog's behaviors

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Once I receive your enrollment request, I will confirm your spot by sending you an intake form and a training date.