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Two Week Board and Train

for puppies 10-21 weeks

What your puppy will learn

This program is great for those who want to get their puppy started off in the right direction! The Two Week Board will give you the tools and skills in order to help you to be a good leader for your dog, that will last throughout your dog's lifetime. Through my training videos, I will show you how to handle problem behaviors as well as leadership tools that you will continue to use after your puppy's stay. You will also get six customized training videos for you to review at home, so you can learn along with your pup! 

Behaviors I work on during your puppy's stay:

  • Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Stay, Leave-it, Off, Kennel)

  • Introduction to loose-leash walking

  • Stop puppy-biting

  • Teaching your puppy boundaries (so they understand when to stop)

  • Barking/demand-barking

  • Socialization to people, places and other dogs

  • Understanding for proper dog play

  • Continued housetraining (all puppies learn at different speeds, some pick up on housetraining sooner than others.

Two-week Board & Train
Includes Boarding, individual training, and 6 customized Training videos for you to keep for your puppy's lifetime







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