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Training Philosophy

My training methods are mainly Positive Reinforcement and Leadership, (otherwise known as being a "Pet Parent" ) for your dog and taking over the role of a mother dog to their own. Through videos, I explain to you how to be a leader for your dog, how to communicate and give clear "yes" or "no" answers to behaviors that your dog shows. I show you how to set up "boundaries" that let your dog know how far they can go with certain behaviors and play, how to enjoy and have fun with your dog while still being able to maintain behavior. 

Behaviors I work with:

  • Bolting out the door

  • Pulling on leash

  • Counter-surfing

  • Socialzation to children, dogs and enviroments 

  • Not listening/ignoring

  • Poor Recall

  • Territorial/"Small Dog" behaviors

  • Guarding

Because we have children in the house, I do not work with dog that are people-aggressive.

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